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NAEYC program standards

Standard 1: Relationships

The program promotes positive relationships among all children and adults which encourages each child's sense of individual worth and belonging.


Standard 2: Curriculum

The program implements a curriculum that is consistent with its goals for children and promotes learning and development in social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive areas.


Standard 3: Teaching

The program uses developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate and effective teaching approaches that enhance each child’s learning and development in the context of the curriculum goals.


Standard 4: Assessment of Child Progress

The program is informed by ongoing systematic, formal, and informal assessment approaches to provide information on children’s learning and development.


Standard 5: Health

The program promotes the nutrition and health of children and protects children and staff from illness and injury.


Standard 6: Teachers

The program employs and supports a teaching staff with the educational qualifications, knowledge, and professional commitment necessary to promote children’s learning and development and to support families’ diverse needs and interests.


Standard 7: Families

The program establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with each child’s family to foster children’s development in all settings. These relationships are sensitive to family composition and language.


Standard 8: Community Relationships

The program establishes relationships with and uses the resources of the children’s communities to support the achievement of program goals.


Standard 9: Physical Environment

The program has a safe and healthful environment that provides appropriate and well-maintained indoor and outdoor physical environments.


Standard 10: Leadership and Management

The program effectively implements policies, procedures, and systems that support stable staff and strong personnel, fiscal, and program management so all children, families, and staff have high-quality experiences.



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